Fully customize your own tsurikawa


  • Size of item and strapping vary depending on charm shape.
  • Estimated delivery 2-4 weeks from order date.
  • Up to 3 colors per piece (colors may marble naturally and give 5 color effect)

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The base shape of your tsurikawa

Please add description in order notes. Please note that colors are poured with resin and may blend along the edges where they meet.

Trying to get us to match the color of your ride? Drop a pic in here

(max file size 64 MB)

Select the transparency of your piece

Matte or Metallic?

If you use multiple colors, tell us how you want them to appear

Decorations inside your charm

The color of the strap which attaches to your tsurikawa

If you need the length of your strapping modified (to suit lowered vehicles)

A small vanity pin adhered to the strapping

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