Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attach my Tsurikawa?

  • Grab a Phillips-head screwdriver.
  • Undo the screw, open the strap, and loop it around where you want it.
  • Push the screw back through the strap.
  • Use your fingers to line it up straight and tighten firmly with a screwdriver.
  • If you don’t have a location where the strap sits in the proper position, you can use zip ties to hold it in place. (Example below:)

How much does it cost to order a custom shape made that isn’t already available?

For shapes that we don’t currently offer, we only recommend doing bulk orders. It costs $1000 for the first 10 tsurikawas. This covers research and development, material and labor costs for making the molds, plus your 10 completed pieces. If a client wanted to buy more of their custom shape at a later date, a batch of 10 tsurikawas would only cost $400 (for single colors, special additives increase the cost).

We typically offer bulk orders for car clubs, or people who would be utilizing the Tsurikawa for personal use. While we are open to brand collaborations, or reseller partnerships, we do not grant the rights for our shapes to be directly replicated.

Can Yabai sponsor me?

As a brand new business, our budget is a little tight. We don’t currently have the means to sponsor someone in the traditional sense. However, we’ve created an Affiliates Program for anyone who wants to be part of the Yabai team and earn a little money on the side! Simply apply under the Affiliates Program tab. Once you’ve been approved, we’ll give you a link / code you can give to your friends. They receive 10% off by using your code, and you receive 10% of the net total. When applying, please use the same email that you wish to receive Paypal payments through. Your code will be whatever you make your username.

What makes our products different?

These are not your average, plastic, run of the mill handles. We offer resin casted handles and charms, in a wide array of shapes. Each piece is hand made in Boston, Massachusetts. Every handle and charm is hand sanded and sealed with high gloss acrylic polyurethane. The strapping is heat resistant. A plethora of imaginative designs fill our collection of accessories, and will continue to be ever-growing.

What is a Tsurikawa?

Tsurikawa directly translates to “Hang Leather”– “hang” (tsuri吊) “leather” (kawa革).
Often referred to as “Drift Charms”, it’s not uncommon to see JDM inspired cars sporting one of these handles hanging on their rear bumpers, roll cages, rear-view mirrors, or grab handles.

Traditionally, the Tsurikawa is a hand strap people hold on to when riding the bus or train while standing up. What makes these interesting, was that Tsurikawas became a sign of rebellion used by members of the Bosozoku.
Members of the Bosozoku (Japan’s anti-establishment street gangs) would steal Tsurikawas and openly hang them off their car’s rear bumpers. This was illegal, and flaunting one in public was a way to show rebellion, disrespect authority and express their freedom. Ideally the handle would be dragged on the ground until it has disintegrated, or hung inside the vehicle, so passengers could hold onto them while they hang their bodies out the window.
Since then, Japanese car enthusiasts display Tsurikawa as the expression of the freedom it represents. Enthusiasts have taken a liking to watching the handle slide sideways while drifting on the track.

Tsurikawas come in a variety of colors and shapes. The most common shapes to find are ones that imitate the actual subway handles– circular, triangular and very rarely, pentagonal. The triangular handle was the only available type used from 1933 until the mid 1970s. From there, the round handle became the most common shape, up to the present day.
At this point in time, JDM inspired businesses have taken to creating a few other shapes– typically hearts and broken hearts.
But this leaves so little to the true customization of your expressed personality! Yabai Ninja focuses on making more unique shapes than you’ve seen before.

What is “Wabi-Sabi”?

“Wabi-sabi” is about finding beauty in something that is imperfect. This is deeply influenced by the teachings of Buddha and it can be interlinked with Buddhist thinking. Our Wabi-Sabi corner is a discounted section for imperfect pieces that still deserve a little love! Do not leave your wabi-sabi tsurikawa in hot conditions, and do not hang on them with your body weight. Treat them with kindness.

General Product Disclaimer / Caring for your Tsurikawa:

Colors may look slightly different from how you see it on your screen.

Very light colored, transparent pieces may susceptible to fading or discoloration from consistent, direct sunlight.

Our Tsurikawas are for aesthetic purposes only and we do not recommend hanging on them with your body weight.

The tradition is to drag a tsurikawa until it disintegrates. However, as these handles are not plastic, there is a good chance it could break if it is left dragging on the ground, as it will slap the pavement, and resin is not shatter resistant. If you’re someone who cares about the appearance of your tsurikawa, we suggest you hang it internally, as dragging it on the ground will grind away the bottom of the piece. Your tsurikawa could potentially break if it slaps against a speedbump too hard or fast.

Each piece is heat cured. However, exposure to high heat for a prolonged duration may cause your tsurikawa to become slightly flexible. It will reharden when the temperature in the vehicle reduces to a livable condition. (For reference, when it’s over 90° outside, your vehicle interior can reach up to 145°-200°).

This shouldn’t be an issue for most pieces, but as everything is hand made, and we are new at this, mistakes are possible. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our utmost priority. If you experience any warping due to heat related issues, please reach out to us and we will replace it.

Yabai Ninja LLC is not liable for incorrect application of decals.

Yabai Ninja LLC is entitled to refuse refunds for change of mind on custom orders.

Yabai Ninja LLC is not liable for damage of any kind, including misuse of products.

Shipping Disclaimer:

Tracking information will be sent to you via email as soon as your package is ready to be sent out. Due to the nature of our products (and how legit our packaging looks) every order containing a tsurikawa in the US will require a signature upon delivery. If you miss the delivery time frame and fail to reschedule your delivery, Yabai Ninja LLC is not responsible for additional shipping costs if a package is returned to sender. Shipping labels are printed exactly as the customer provides. Yabai Ninja LLC is not responsible for incorrectly addressed packages, and redelivery for mislabeled packages must be paid for by the customer.

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